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How to Find Moneymaking Jobs for Kids - Kids & Money - About.com
When your child's spending habits begin to outpace his allowance it might be time for him to look for a job for kids. In addition to earning spending money, jobs  ...
Jobs for Kids - Ideas for Children to Earn Money - Kids & Money
Nine jobs for kids who want to earn additional money. The ideas for children to earn money include babysitting, lemonade stands, lawn mowing, and more.
Jobs for Kids - Types of Jobs for Children - Kids & Money - About.com
Job ideas, tax topics, and types of jobs for children to get started earning their own money.
Summer Jobs for Kids - Job Searching - About.com
Tips for getting a summer job for kids including the types of jobs available, how to get working papers, and how to find and apply for jobs.
Saturday Jobs for Kids - Kids & Money - About.com
Saturday jobs for kids who want to earn additional money. The ideas for children to earn money on the weekends include babysitting, yard work, and more.
Summer Jobs for Kids - Ways for Children to Earn Money
Lawn mowing is a great job for children who like to be outdoors. Determine if your child will use your mower or the homeowner's mower. Mowing jobs could be  ...
Jobs for Boys - Jobs for Boys That Pay - Kids & Money - About.com
Help your son find a job for boys. Jobs and pay are variable based on your location, the difficulty, and the time it takes to complete each job.
Summer Jobs for Kids - Jobs for Kids by Age
Summer jobs for kids. Ideas for children to earn money during summer for kids ages 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 years old.
Different Ways on How to Find Jobs for Kids
Once your child has explored the options in jobs for kids, it's time to actually find a job! Here are some helpful resources to help your children find a job.
Pet Sitting Jobs for Kids - Kids & Money - About.com
Pet sitting jobs for kids. The perfect job for children who love pets. Explore the pros, cons, and what your child can learn about money from pet sitting.
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