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Pet Sitting Jobs for Kids - Kids & Money - About.com
Pet sitting jobs for kids. The perfect job for children who love pets. Explore the pros, cons, and what your child can learn about money from pet sitting.
How to Hire a Pet Sitter for Your Dog - Dogs - About.com
Pet sitters provide customized care for your dog, working to create as little stress as possible for you and your dog.
Small Business Idea - Pet Sitting
A love of animals, trustworthiness and consistent availability can be signs that you should start a pet sitting small business. Pet sitters are typically available ...
A Pet Owner's Guide to Pet Sitters - Cats - About.com
With the dawn of the pet sitting industry, it is important to thoroughly investigate pet sitters before hiring one. Mary Anne Miller offers sound advice including a ...
How to Start a Pet Sitting Business - Animal Careers - About.com
A pet sitting business is a great way to enter the animal industry. As owner of the business you are free to set your own schedule, define your service area, and ...
Finding a Pet Sitter - Options for Exotic Pet Owners - Exotic Pets
Many areas have pet sitting services, but these are often geared towards dogs and cats and finding someone knowledgeable about exotic pets can be tricky.
Pet Sitter - Animal Careers - About.com
Duties. Pet sitters are responsible for all basic animal care while their clients are on vacation or traveling for business. Routine duties for a pet sitter include ...
Professional Pet Sitters - Reasons to Hire a Professional Pet Sitter ...
The best way to ensure peace of mind when you have to leave your cats at home is to hire a professional pet sitter. This article explains what professional pet ...
Pet Sitter Business Guide - Pet Shops - About.com
Pet sitters are very much in demand. Here are some important tips from Pet Sitters International for those who wish to launch such a pet business.
Home Business Idea - Pet Sitting Services Home-Based Business
A look at operating a pet sitting services business as a home-based business, the pros and cons, what you need and more to start this type of home business.
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