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Should you give your children an allowance? Learn the pros and cons, how much to give your kids, and when to start an allowance.

How To Give an Allowance That Includes Financial Responsibility
Steps to take to determine the appropriate allowance for your teen.

Allowance Calculator
Determine how much allowance money your child should get based on age.

What Experts Say About Allowances for Children
Financial planners, professors and other experts give their opinions on how and when to give an allowance.

Allowance Tips: Good Money Management Begins with an Allowance
Help children learn independent thought through the use of an allowance. Allow them to make mistakes and help them learn to work through them.

Allowance for Kids
Should you give an allowance to your kids? How much allowance should you give? When should you start? A guide for parents to help you through all the questions about giving your children an allowance.

Back to School Allowance for Kids
An overview of things for parents to consider when planning a back to school allowance for kids.

What Rules Should You Apply to Allowance Money
What steps you should take to ensure you are making the right rules for your kids allowance.

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