1. Money

Children Giving to Charity

Teach children about giving to charity and learn about volunteer activities for kids. How to get kids interested in charity work and donate their time and money.

How to Teach Kids About Charity
At what age should you teach kids about charity? Find out how to teach them and set good examples for your children.

Volunteer Ideas for Kids
Great volunteer ideas for kids who want to donate their time or money to a good cause, including school supply drives, yard work, and more.

Teaching Children to be Grateful
Show children how to be kind to others including volunteering time and money.

Modern Kids Philanthropy
Examples of children donating to charities in Club Penguin, an online game club.

Fun For Kids - Helping Others
Ideas for kids to give money, time, and things to help others in need.

Teach Kids About Giving to Charity
Explore guidelines for how much to give to charity and get ideas on where to give the money.

Children Involved in Community Service - Children Volunteering
Teaching children about volunteering. Lots of examples for kids to begin charitable work.

Community Service for Kids
The state of Maryland has a community service requirement to graduate. Read what kind of projects they do to get ideas.

Your Kids and Charity: How to Increase the Life Lessons
Looking for ways to teach your kids some life lessons? Try charity as a way to expand their lessons and still give.

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