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Family Finance Carnival


Welcome to the March 1, 2011 edition of family finance carnival. Have you ever wondered where you can find lots of great articles all related to family finances?

Here's your chance! The family finance carnival will be posted every two weeks on rotating websites.

The family finance carnival was started by Clariity. Their mission is to "empower families with young children to make informed decisions about life and family finances as they journey through life."

Family Finance Carnival #2

Family Hacks

Miranda presents Food Prices: What Can You Do About Food Prices Inflation?

Wenchypoo presents Coupon Queen Gets Hit With Expired Food Products--If You Shop at Dominick's, Chances are You're EXPIRED.

Joe Morgan presents How I Cut My Cable Bill By $40 A Month!.

Mike @ Green Panda presents Is it Time to Quit My First Job?

Financial Management

Robert Alan presents 5 Little Known Ways That Credit Scores Impact Your Financial Life.

bluskygirl presents The Money Lie we Live, and the Truth that can set us Free.

Clariity presents Happily Ever After: 15 Things You MUST Discuss Before Marriage.

Miriam presents Alternative phone plans.

The Financial Blogger presents I Have Refused 250K, Would You? . at The Financial Blogger.

BWL presents 23 Ways To Make Money For Teens.

FrugalTrader presents 8 Fundamental Money Lessons for Kids.

jason@frugal dad presents 10 Things I Want My Kids to Learn About Money Before They're Adults.

CreditCardGuru presents Are Credit Cards For Minors a Bad Idea?.

Ask Mr. CC presents Credit Cards For Young Adults.

Khaleef @ KNS Financial presents 4 Credit Card Benefits You Should Not Ignore.

Jon Elder presents How I Graduated College Debt Free and Survived.

PT presents How to Encourage Your Spouse to Save Money.

Charles Tran presents 5 Ideas to Stretch the Dollar with Kids.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Got Kids? Open a 529 College Savings Account!

Outlaw presents How I Got a Credit Card Late Fee Waived

MoneyNing presents Is There Such a Thing as Good Debt?

Sun presents There's Strength (and Savings) in Numbers.

House Buying

Praveen presents Mortgage Insurers - Foreclosure "White Knights"?

Ben presents a look at how you can avoid hiring shady contractors to work on your house using Angies List.

The Financial Blogger presents First Home Buyer: 18 Things You Need To Know.

Lazy Man and Money presents Buying a Vacation/Retirement Home (Part 4).

Michael presents Advantages of Buying a House With Cash.


Captain Cognition presents Lower your young driver car insurance premium.

susan presents 25 Awesome Infographics to Visualize the Housing Crisis.

Jeff presents Dying Without a Will: What Really Happens?


Amanda presents How to Claim the Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction.

Michael Pruser presents 10 Tax Benefits for Parents.

Michael Erins presents What Taxes Can You Deduct From Schooling Costs?

Money Crashers Blog presents » List of 14 Commonly Overlooked Personal Tax Deductions For Individuals.

Family Money

Madoline Hatter presents 10 Things You Need to Know About Potential Pell Grant Cuts.

Melanie Nathan presents 20 Blogs About Family Medical Leave.

Neal Frankle presents Borrowing Money Inexpensively.

Bridget Nicholson presents 50 Best Blogs to Get You Through Tax Season.

Carl Francis presents Bravery from the Home Front: Top 50 Blogs for Army Wives (or Spouses).

TaraV presents Top 11 Budget Busting Culprits for the Stay-at-Home-Mom.

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