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Easy School Lunches


Does packing a school lunch take too much time and effort? It's time to focus on easy school lunches. Find out what other parents pack their kids in our collection of easy school lunches.

Do you have your own favorite school lunch ideas? Share your school lunch ideas.

1. Assembly Line Sandwiches

If you are making sandwiches for school lunches, make it easy and make a bunch at once. Wrap each one individually and designate a section in your fridge for school lunch items.

You can vary the ingredients in each sandwich by changing one ingredient. If you make all peanut butter sandwiches, add jelly to some, and bananas to others to add some variation.

2. Save Dipping Packets

Keep a box in your pantry for unused dipping packets and condiments. When you are ready to pack school lunches, just grab the ketchup, mustard, or other condiments you need to quickly add to lunches.

3. Sandwich Alternatives

Sandwiches are easy, but sometimes other ingredients are even easier. Cheese and crackers, leftover meats, or veggies and dip are easy alternatives to sandwiches and can be packed quickly.

4. Easy Hot Lunches

Soups like chicken noodle, vegetable, chili, and corn chowder with pasta can be an easy school lunch. When you make soup for your family, pour a child portion directly into a thermos. Warm the soup while you are packing the rest of the lunch and add it in as you finish.

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