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Babysitting Flyers


Trustworthy, reliable, and helpful babysitters are always in demand and babysitting is a great way for pre-teens and teens to make money. With your parents' permission, once you are old enough and responsible enough to start babysitting to make a few dollars, don’t take your duties lightly. This is your first real job and you should be professional and serious about what it entails.

Sit down with your parents and write out all the things you should be prepared for when you are babysitting in another home. Carry a booklet of phone numbers you may need. And, always have a number of the parents, where you are babysitting, so you can reach them at all times. Creating babysitting flyers are a good and inexpensive way to find those first babysitting jobs.

Babysitting Flyer Basics:

Start with a colored paper to create a babysitting flyer. It will be noticed far more than plain white computer paper. You can find inexpensive colored paper at a stationary store, big-box store or a print shop.

The most prominent wording should be at the top of the page. It could just say “(Your name) BABYSITTING” in bold capitals. However, if you are babysitting as a team then give yourself a name and use that as the heading. You might call yourselves “The Responsible Babysitting Team” or “The Safety-Care Babysitting Team.” Try to choose a name that will give parents confidence in choosing you for the job. In smaller letters, but still prominent, add your phone number and names beneath the title.

Flyer Information:

Add any information that is important and relevant. Here are some babysitting flyer ideas:

  • Fees: Your babysitting rates should be noted clearly. Decide how much you will charge per hour for one child and the additional price for two or more children. At the end of the fee statement, add that payment is due at the end of the babysitting job.
  • Time: List your availability if there is a time limit you are allowed to babysit. Phrase it in a pleasing manner, such as, “afternoon and evening hours, from 4:00pm to 10:00pm, with extended hours on Friday and Saturday nights”.
  • Qualifications: At the end of the flyer, list all of your qualifications. Even if this is your first paying job, you would be surprised at how much experience you may already have. Have you babysat younger siblings for your parents? Have you helped out at the church childcare? Have you assisted with younger children during birthday parties or holiday dinners? All of this is experience. Get certified by the Red Cross babysitter training course, or firehouse, in babysitting, CPR and first aid. It’s important to know what to do in emergencies. The certification listed on your flyer will lessen any concerns the parents may have about having you babysit their children.

Distributing Flyers:

Print the flyers right off of your computer printer. It is against the law to place your flyer in mailboxes, so don’t do it. Go door to door and speak to parents directly, when handing them a flyer. Leave a flyer on the front door step if there is no one home. You may also leave flyers on auto windows, under the windshield wipers. Tack a flyer in any public place where there is a bulletin board displayed for such items. Get permission to tape a flyer in local business windows. Make sure you have your parent’s permission, as they may want you to babysit only for people they know, at first.

More Advertising Tips:

Once you make a babysitting flyer, you might also want to make a babysitting business card that lists your personal information. At the end of every babysitting job, hand the parents one of your business cards and thank them for the opportunity to care for their children. You can also explore word-of-mouth and websites as potential advertising options.
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