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Babysitting Games


As a babysitter, it's never pleasant to have a bored child on your hands. For one, boredom is one of the leading causes of mischief among children. This means that if you aren't paying attention and keeping a child or children entertained, there's a better chance you'll find a mess in the kitchen or a broken lamp in the den. That's why you should always be armed with a full arsenal of fun babysitting games and activities to play with your kids. If you don't know where to start, just follow along with some of these tips for great games to play while babysitting.

The first step, however, is to clear any and all babysitting games and activities with the parents first. This is an important babysitting tip because some parents are stricter than others about things like going outside, watching television or playing videogames. This also gives you an opportunity to know if certain activities might be dangerous due to a child's health condition such as asthma, allergies or other issues. Knowing what you can and cannot do is important to building a lasting working relationship with your clients. Once you've gotten all your activities approved, you're ready to start playing.

1. Building a Lego City

Playing with construction blocks, such as Lego, is a great babysitting game because it can appeal to any child regardless of their age or gender. Whether you bring your own tub or rely on the child's own collection, building a Lego building or town is an engaging activity that will keep almost any child entertained for long periods of time. You can even make it a game by competing to see who can build the biggest tower.

2. Put on a Play

Creating and performing a play is another game that is not only fun, but also creatively challenging. It's also great for handling a larger group of kids. From writing a basic story to building a small set, there are many different fun tasks that can be assigned to each child. You can even perform the play for the child's parents to give them an added sense of pride.

3. Have a Dance Competition

Music is appealing to children of all ages, and dancing allows children to enjoy music and expend some energy all at once. Begin by allowing the children to choose their own list of songs that they enjoy listening to and then queue them up to play on a stereo or computer. Then allow each child to dance to their heart's content. Dancing also has the added benefit of allowing the child some form of creative expression that they may not normally get.

4. Board Games

Board games are perfect for babysitting because most parents already have some stashed away and most can keep a child entertained for a long stretch of time. If they don't, buying your own copy of kids' classics like Candy Land or Chutes & Ladders is sure to be a worthwhile investment in the long run. If neither of these are options, a simple deck of cards can be turned into a game of Memory or Go Fish with little effort and set up.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Whether you're playing indoors or outside, having a scavenger hunt is an easy and fun game for any babysitting night. Make a list for each child of items to hunt for that can easily be found in most homes. Be sure to set boundaries in case there are areas they shouldn't be getting into such as high cabinets or potentially dangerous areas. Whichever child finds all the items on the list first wins. Just make sure everything gets put back neatly before you leave.
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