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Babysitting Jobs and Resources


If your child wants to explore a babysitting job, here is everything you need to know about babysitting to get started. The list of babysitting resources includes the right age to start babysitting, taking a babysitting class, babysitting safety tips and more.

1. Babysitting Jobs for Kids

If your child enjoys kids here are pros and cons to consider when evaluating if a babysitting job might be a good fit for your child. Some of the pros are that babysitting jobs can be fit in around other obligations like schoolwork and extracurricular activities and in areas where there are lots of kids, jobs are plentiful. In addition, they can babysit for neighbors and relatives that you know and feel comfortable with. Some of the cons to consider are that scheduling can be difficult at times and kids get sick and are exposed to lots of viruses, so babysitters will often get sick too. In addition, dealing with children is sometimes difficult.

2. Red Cross Babysitting Course

The Red Cross offers a babysitting course to prepare your kids for babysitting. The class is designed for 11 to 15 year olds. The Red Cross babysitting course lasts one day and is offered in various local areas. The class teaches how to care for infants through school age children and perform babysitting tasks including how to handle emergencies and focus on safe care of infants and children.

3. How to Find Babysitting Jobs

Once your child is ready to babysit, here are some helpful resources to help your child find a babysitting job. Ideas include using a babysitter referral program, asking other parents to refer you to their friends, and using an online search for babysitting jobs.

4. Age for Babysitting

What age is the right age for babysitting? Is there a minimum age for babysitting? The minimum age to work varies by state; however, many states do not have any specific age for babysitting laws. The determination will most likely fall to the parents to determine when your child can start babysitting. Find out everything you need to know about the right age to start babysitting.

5. How to Start Babysitting

Find out how your child can start babysitting and find additional resources about babysitting jobs. Steps include reviewing the right age to start babysitting, taking a babysitting course, how to advertise for and find babysitting jobs, and entertaining the children while babysitting.

6. Babysitting Flyers

Creating babysitting flyers are a good and inexpensive way to find those first babysitting jobs. To advertise a babysitting business, create babysitting flyers to post on neighborhood bulletin boards. In addition, your child can create business cards to hand out to family and friends. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising method to start babysitting. Once you find a family to babysit for, ask them to refer you to their friends.

7. Babysitting Tips

Here are nine babysitting tips that will help you become the great babysitter parents are looking for. The tips include only accepting jobs that you know you can handle, preparing for each and every job, deciding what you will charge for babysitting and letting the parents know ahead of time, understanding the rules of the home, and getting important information regarding rules, schedules and activities in writing.

8. Babysitting Games

Once your child starts babysitting, have her create a babysitting bag full of games and activities to take with her to babysit. It will keep the kids occupied and the parents will be impressed with her babysitting abilities. Here are tips for great games to play and other ideas to keep kids entertained and happy while babysitting.

9. Babysitting Safety Tips

When the parents leave, you are in charge, which means you are completely responsible for the safety and well-being of the children you are looking after. Here are safety tips to review before babysitting.

10. Babysitting Rates

How much should a good babysitter charge? When starting a babysitting business, it’s important to set a fair standard value for your services, and be upfront about your rates. To effectively set and maintain a fair hourly rate for childcare services, factor in the local economy and competition, and practice consistency and professionalism. The going rate for babysitting can range substantially.

11. Babysitting Swaps

Paying for a babysitter can be expensive, so groups of moms often set up babysitting swaps to save money. Contacting a babysitting swap and offering to be a paid babysitting backup is a great way to meet a group of parents who all need occasional babysitting services. In addition, you may find that all of the parents participating in the babysitting swap may want to arrange an adult night out together. You could offer to babysit the children together for them.

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