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How to Make Money Over Spring Break


Looking for ideas on how to make money over spring break? If school is out, and you want to earn some extra spending money, here are some spring break job ideas for kids to earn extra money during the week off of school. Some of the spring break job ideas require setting up in advance, but some can be started with some hard work if you are already off school for the week.

1. Kids Car Wash

If the weather is nice, spring break is a great time to run a car wash for your neighbors. It's fun, flexible and your neighbors will appreciate their clean cars. A car wash is also a good business to operate with siblings or friends. Make flyers or spread the word in advance so adults can plan to have their car washed on the day you operate your car wash.

2. Pet Sitter

This is often a great spring break job, as many families will be heading out of town during spring break on vacation. They will need someone to keep an eye on their pets while they are gone. Spread the word a few weeks before spring break and you should be able to line up a handful of families for the week. If you are caring for pets for multiple families, be sure to make a schedule and check off each pet each day to make sure that you don't miss any.

3. Lawn Mowing

If you like to be outdoors and regularly mow your own lawn, lawn mowing is a great way to make money over spring break, since many homeowners will be on vacation. Again, if you do a great job, you should be able to line up some summer jobs or keep mowing throughout the spring after school or on the weekends.

4. Selling Art and Crafts Online

If you want to sell crafts, clothing, jewelry or other artwork online, check out the ideas in online businesses for kids on the pros and cons of each job. Online businesses for kids have actually made it possible to sell your crafts all over, just be sure to get permission from your parents.

5. Other Online Jobs

Doing surveys or your own reviews could be a fun way to fill some time during spring break if you have bad weather and find yourself indoors with nothing to do. Get your parents help when you explore online jobs for kids and keep safety first.
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