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Summer Jobs for 8 Year Olds


If your child is looking for a summer job, here are some ideas for 8 year olds. While they may be too young for a traditional job, they can earn some money by completing various tasks for you and your neighbors.

1. Yard Work

Your child may be able to help out with yard work that you or your neighbors need. Various tasks could include raking leaves, spreading mulch, or planting flowers.

2. Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is always a fun business adventure for kids. While it won't be a regular job, holding a lemonade sale once or twice during the summer could yield some extra spending money.

3. Pet Sitter

Responsibilities typically include stopping by a neighbor's house to feed an animal a few times per day while the owner's are away. In addition, they can also offer to bring in the newspaper or mail and water any houseplants.

4. Family Business

This job often works best when you own your own business. You can have your children help with filing papers, mailing letters and other office work.
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