1. Money

New Baby

Learn how to adjust your finances when adding a new baby to your family. Save, budget, and anticipate the expenses to raise a child.

Baby Expenses
Is a new baby on the way? Here are resources to keep baby expenses in line. Find out all about baby expenses and how to budget for a new baby.

Budget for a New Baby
How to create a budget for a new baby. What you need to plan, predict costs and budget for a new baby in your family.

Should Both Parents Work?
Weigh the pros and cons of both parents returning to work after a new baby arrives.

Savings Tips on Baby Products
Places you should look to save on baby products including diapers and formula.

Ways You Can Save Money on Baby Expenses
Frugal tips to save you money once your new baby arrives.

Newborn Baby Expenses
A series of articles covering everything from car seats and strollers to food and diapers.

10 Ways New Parents Overspend On Their Newborns
Frugal tips from a couple with a new baby on common baby items: clothing, nursery furniture, and accessories.

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