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Investment Account for Kids


If you are looking for a place to open an investment account for your kids, check out the custodial accounts at ShareBuilder.


ShareBuilder is a fantastic place to start investment accounts for kids. No minimums or fees make it a great way to start building a portfolio for your kids.

Fees and Requirements:

There are no inactivity fees or minimum balances to maintain. It's an ideal place to setup a child's account.

Ease of Use:

The easiest way to establish an account at ShareBuilder is to link it to your ING Direct account. You can move money quickly between the accounts.

Planet Orange:

ShareBuilder and ING Direct feature Planet Orange devoted to helping kids learn about saving money.

Additional Services:

A great feature about ShareBuilder is the automatic links to ING Direct, which we've established as the best bank for kids.

Sign Up Bonus:

During 2010, when you open a new ShareBuilder account for your kids, you'll get a $51 sign up bonus. For details, see $51 Bonus on Investment Accounts for Kids.
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