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Money Saving Tips for Kids on Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day can be a budget buster for kids. Money spent on food, cards, and parties can catch you by surprise. Teach your children to enjoy Valentine's Day by focusing on frugal activities instead of getting caught up in consumerism.

Make Your Own Cards:

Instead of purchasing Valentine's Day cards to giveaway; have your children make their own. The recipients will be pleased and you'll have a project to keep your kids busy.

Buy at a Discount Shop:

If your children will need Valentine's Day cards for the entire class, pick them up at a dollar store.

Bake Instead of Buy:

If you need to bring treats for a class party, have your child help you bake the treats instead of buying premade at the grocery store. Make a double batch, and you'll have some to enjoy with your own family.


Did you save last year's Valentine's Day cards? If so, cut the front off and glue them onto construction paper. You'll have a new card with a new look. If you don't have cards from last year, plan ahead and consider saving your cards for next year.

Have a Family Night:

Instead of going out for a romantic dinner with your spouse, consider staying at home and having a family night. You'll save money on dinner and a babysitter and you can enjoy a fun evening at home with your kids.

Focus on Free Entertainment:

If possible, offer to provide music or poems for a class party instead of bringing items you must purchase. Sign up quickly, so you can pick what you want to bring.

Celebrate on a Different Day:

There's no rule that says you must celebrate Valentine's Day on Feb. 14. Celebrate it on a different night and you'll avoid inflated prices.
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