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Cheap Halloween Decor


Halloween can be one of the cheapest holidays to decorate for if you are willing to use a little creativity. You can make a lot of cheap Halloween decor by utilizing items that can be found around your home. Let's take a look at a few cheap Halloween decor ideas that you might want to try this year.

1. Scarecrow

The only items you will need to make a scarecrow are a pair of men's clothing and some stuffing. A pair of Jeans and a flannel shirt make the best scarecrow clothing. For the stuffing, you can either use the leaves that you rake up in your yard or crumpled up newspaper. Then simply nail or staple the scarecrow to a wooden pole or pillar of your home.

2. Large Pumpkins

Stuff a few giant orange trash bags with leaves and you'll have large pumpkins to decorate for Halloween. You can use a black marker or black paint if you want to draw a face on your huge pumpkins and turn them into Jack-o-lanterns.

3. Ghost

Ghosts are one of the cheapest Halloween decorations to make. Place a punch bowl upside down on the top of a broom. Cover with a white sheet and add a face to the ghost. You can stick the broom in the ground outside or lean it against a wall.

4. Bats, Spiders, and Cats

Cut out shapes of bats, spiders, or cats out of cardboard. Then cut construction paper to match and glue them together. You can hang these cardboard cutouts around your house.

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