1. Money

Spending Money

Help kids learn to spend their money wisely. Teach children to shop responsibly and handle expenses appropriately, including cell phones and cars.

Money Gifts for Kids
Money gifts for kids are a great way to give a special child in your life a meaningful gift that can grow in value as they grow in age. Here are some ideas to get you started on they type of money gift appropriate for various ages and occasions.

Kids and Cell Phones
Pros, cons, and financial considerations for letting your child have a cell phone.

Top 10 Cars for Teens
Ten reliable cars that are affordable and great for inexperienced drivers.

Spending Smarts Ten Super Shopping Tips
Tips for kids to learn before they spend their money.

Kids' Money Personality Profiler
Is your child a Savings Superstar or a Money Magician?

Are You Spending Too Much on Your Kids?
Determine if you are spending too much on your kids with seven easy questions.

How to Teach Your Kids to Manage Their Spending Wants
Spending money is for more than just candy, sometimes kids want bigger items. Here is how you can help you kids manage different purchases.

Ten Kids Activities for Free or Little Cost
Kids activities abound, but when our kids want something to do, we don't always have ideas. Here are ten kids activities that are low cost or free.

Money Management for Teens: When to Give them Control of Money
When should you allow your child more flexibility in managing their money and how you should go about putting it into practice.

How to Save on Kids Summer Camps

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