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Counting Coins Game Review

Counting Coins Game at a Glance


Skills: How to count coins.

Type of Game: Online money game.

Overview of the Game: A fun online counting game for kids who can use a mouse. Drag the coins onto the table until you have the correct amount of money.

Game Twist: If you make a mistake, you can drag the coin back.

Appropriate Age Group: The Counting Coins game is appropriate for kids that are three years-old and up. It may be a bit boring for kids that are over the age of seven, because they most likely already know how to count change with ease.

Where to Play: Counting Coins Game.

Description of the Game

Counting Coins is a fun money game for kids. The game starts by asking the player to select a helper character. The choices are a beaver, a gentleman that resembles a hippie and George Washington. Once the player selects a helper character, the game begins.

In the Counting Coins game there are stacks of coins. There are stacks of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. The helper character will say how much money the player needs. The player then needs to drag the coins one at a time onto a wooden desk, and the helper character keeps a running count as they are dragged. When the player thinks they have reached the correct amount, then a click on the helper character will say if it is right or not. If it is, then a new amount of money is asked for, and if it is not then the player needs to try again.

What Kids Learn About Money While Playing

The Counting Coins game is great because it not only teaches counting skills, but it teaches them in the context of counting money. This is a difficult concept for kids to grasp sometimes, so the practice that this game offers is invaluable.

Counting Coins Game Pros and Cons

Pros: The Counting Coins game is a lot of fun, and it is a great way for kids to learn how to count and handle change. The helper characters are very delightful, and the game has no end to the number of scenarios. And since it is an online money game, you won't need any other supplies besides access to the internet.

Cons: The game would be better served if it allowed players to count more than change. It would be nice if paper money was included as well. Also, there are no levels or an end goal to the game, which means that kids can become bored of it after a while.

Counting Coins Game Highlights

The helper characters are well animated and seem to be a big hit with all the kids that play the game. The Counting Coins game is good for kids of all abilities, because there is no time limit that forces them to rush and make mistakes.

In addition, while playing Counting Coins, parents can teach their children about the value of money. It also allows them to teach them about the value of properly being able to determine the amount of change without a calculator, a very valuable skill.

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