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Money Games for Kids


Looking for a way to make learning about money fun? A family board game might be the perfect solution. Money games for kids will help them learn about money management while having a great time. Here are some ideas of games for kids about money.

1. Monopoly

Buy and sell properties, build houses and collect rent. Monopoly is a great money game for kids learning how to count money and make decisions. Play the classic Monopoly with paper money or the new Monopoly with Electronic Banking.

2. Game of Life

Make decisions about your career and other life moves in the Game of Life. The decisions you make affect the income you receive and how you spend your money.

3. Payday

In Payday kids learn to have a job, lend money, pay bills and interest, and deal with unexpected expenses.

4. Moneywise Kids

Two different games are included in Moneywise Kids, one for making change and the other for budgeting money. Players must account for food, clothing, and housing in the play option focused on money management.

5. Money Bags

Kids learn how to count change by earning money for various activities in Money Bags. In addition, kids are limited to using certain coins, forcing them to keep finding new ways to count the coins.

6. Easy Money

The original Easy Money game is actually over 70 years old! You roll the dice and move around the board to earn as much money as possible while counting large amounts of money.

7. Exact Change

Kids use their coins to put together the "exact change" to win the pot of money. It's a great learning tool for kids learning to count coins and make change.

8. Careers

Kids will decide how to reach success in the Careers board game. As in real life, you must try to figure out what is the best way for you to reach your final goal. It is a great way for kids to learn the value of not only money, but where other aspects fit in to achieve what you want.
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