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Back to School Money Games for Kids


Looking for ways to brush up on counting and math skills before your kids head back to school? Here are several back to school money games for kids to teach counting and making change. They are fun online games for kids to play while they learn about money management. Here is an overview of each game and what kids can learn about money while they play the game online.

1. Piggy Bank

If you are getting ready to go back to school and you want to brush up on your coin counting, the piggy bank game will be a lot of fun. Pick the coins you need to match the total. You have to hurry though, the coins build up quickly and the game will end if you take too long! It's fun to race against the clock to fill the piggy bank!

The Piggy Bank game teaches kids how to count change. It helps them do it quickly to reach a certain amount. This skill is helpful in real world situations, such as when they are standing in front of a busy line at a store and need to be able to count change to purchase an item.

2. Counting Coins

A fun online counting game for kids who can use a mouse. Drag the coins onto the table until you have the correct amount of money. Another great counting game to brush up on your money skills before you head back to school.

The Counting Coins game is great because it not only teaches counting skills, but it teaches them in the context of counting money. This is a difficult concept for kids to grasp sometimes, so the practice that this game offers is invaluable.

3. Change Maker

The perfect game to practice making change for a customer. You are given the total sale and the amount paid. You must determine the total change to give and which coins to use. The game can be played in various currencies if you are learning about money in various countries at school. Parents can use this game to teach a number of topics. They can use it to teach the value of money, and help kids learn how it works to use money to buy things. It can also be used to discuss the value of being able to do simple calculations quickly in the head. Parents can talk to kids about all the different aspects of life in which this ability is a real asset. Kids learn how to do math in their heads. It is a great way to teach kids how to handle money with a fun game. They learn how to quickly calculate the proper amount of change for any retail transaction.

4. Money Word Games

The online money word game gives you a story and a total dollar amount. From the clues you need to determine how many of each type of coin are needed. If you start to work on word problems when you head back to school, this game will provide lots of practice for you. Kids learn to quickly calculate and count coins in their heads, which is a very helpful skill for them in the real world. Even though it is not presented as such, these problems are very basic algebra. This game is a great way to introduce children to the concept of algebra.

5. Money Flashcards

Look at the coins and add up the total value shown. The game keeps a running total of correct answers and shows you how to add the coins together. The flashcards will help you brush up quickly on your money skills before you head back to school. Kids learn how to do the simple math necessary to conduct retail transactions. They also learn how to use a decimal point with numbers, which is a pretty high level concept for kids to get the hang of. Kids can learn how to count money quickly in their heads by playing this game.

6. Discovering Coin Values

Pick out the coins needed to get to the total. You can drop the coins in through the slide or flip them in with the thumb! It's a quick game which will be great to play before you head back to school. Parents can use this game to teach their children about the value of money, and how it is exchanged to purchase things. Parents can also teach their kids the value of math with this game.

7. Count on It

Select the right level of currency to purchase the food item shown. After adding the coins, the player clicks “check” to find out if they correctly counted. Kids will practice counting money with this fun game and also work with different types of money. The content and difficulty are perfect for kindergarten children going back to school. Kids will practice counting money with this fun game and also work with different types of money. The Count on It game not only shows the bills and coins but a label pops up when you hover over the money with the value of the money displayed in words. They’ll also learn how to drag and drop and identify computer interface components with this simple but fun game.

8. Catch the Money

Control a piggy bank by moving the mouse back and forth to collect as much money as possible in the allotted time. Catch as many coins as you can without catching any of the other objects, which include erasers, apples and sailboats, otherwise your score will go back to zero.

Kids will learn how to identify coin currency in this game. They’ll learn about using the computer’s mouse to move things. They’ll also develop good hand eye coordination at the same time. This game is colorful and should entertain children with its bright, fun graphics. The game will also help children estimate how much coins are worth when it displays the total collected amount at the end of the round. In addition, the Catch the Money game helps children associate the common image of a piggy bank with saving money

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