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Low Cost & Free Activities for Kids


Summer is here and it is time to entertain the kids.  Hopefully without going broke.  Here are some ideas on how to keep them busy on the cheap.

Kids & Money Spotlight10

Warning: Your Kids are Learning Money by Following Your Example

How teaching by example works with teach your kids about money. Four major areas parents don't do what they say.

How to Pick Out A Bank for Your Kids

How to pick out a bank for your child. Including what to look for, how to manage the process and things to take into consideration.

Should You Co-Sign for Your Kids

Thinking about co-signing for your child? Here are some reasons you may not want to and how you can help them instead.

Helping Your Teen Understand the Costs of a Car

How to ensure your teen driver understands how much cars cost to run and operate. Ideas on what costs to have your teen pay for.

Teen Car Insurance: What You Need to Know

What you need to know about teen car insurance. Includes cost savings, what policy to put them on and legal responsibilities.

How to Describe the Differences Between Checking and Savings

How to teach your child about the differences between a savings account and checking account.

Books for Teaching Kids About Money

Books about teaching kids about money. Includes books for parents and books for kids.

Ten Kids Activities for Free or Little Cost

Kids activities abound, but when our kids want something to do, we don't always have ideas. Here are ten kids activities that are low cost or free.

Games to Teach Kids About Investing

Games that will help you teach your kids about investing.

Make Learning About Money Fun

teaching kids about money by having fun

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