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Jobs for Kids


When your child's spending habits begin to outpace his allowance it might be time for him to look for a job for kids. In addition to earning spending money, jobs for children can help kids learn about responsibility and money management.
  1. Types of Jobs for Kids
  2. Job Ideas by Age
  3. Jobs for Busy Kids
  4. How to Find Jobs for Kids

Types of Jobs for Kids

Job ideas for kids to explore. Find out about the various types of jobs for children to get started earning their own money.

Job Ideas by Age

Looking for an age appropriate job? Our collection of jobs for kids sorted by age will help your child find out what other kids their age are doing to earn spending money.

Jobs for Busy Kids

Is your child's schedule limited by school and extra curricular activities? Check out the collection of seasonal summer jobs or jobs limited to weekends.

How to Find Jobs for Kids

Once your child has determined what type of job they want, it's time to look for a job. Here are some helpful resources to help your children find a job.

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