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Best Bank for Kids


If you are looking for the best bank to open a savings account for kids, look no further than ING Direct.

ING Direct

ING Direct is the best online bank for kids. With low minimums and ease of use, it makes sense to consider ING if you want to establish a bank account online.

Fees and Requirements:

The best feature about ING Direct is the requirements. There are no fees or minimum balances to maintain. It's the perfect setup for a child's account.

Interest Rate:

Because ING is an online bank, the interest rates are usually higher than local banks.

Ease of Use:

The easiest way to establish an account at ING is to link it to your current checking account. When your children deposit money, you can do so locally and transfer it online to their savings account with ease.

Programs for Kids:

ING also features Planet Orange devoted to helping kids learn about saving money.

Additional Services:

A great feature about ING Direct is the ability to transfer money to CDs, which also have no minimums. When your kids are infants, and won't be accessing their money for awhile, you can earn extra interest. In addition, ING conveniently links to Sharebuilder to establish an investment account for your children in small amounts.

Other Considerations:

If you want a local bank to be able to take your child to deposit their coins, you may want to consider a credit union.
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