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Games for Kids About Money


Games for kids about money to teach counting and making change. Fun online games for kids to play while they learn about money management.

1. Piggy Bank

Select the coins you need to match the total. You have to hurry though, the coins build up quickly and the game will end if you take too long! It's fun to race against the clock to fill the piggy bank!

2. Money Word Games

The online money word game gives you a story and a total dollar amount. From the clues you need to determine how many of each type of coin are needed.

3. Change Maker

The perfect game to practice making change for a customer. You are given the total sale and the amount paid. You must determine the total change to give and which coins to use. The game can be played in various currencies.

4. Counting Coins

A fun online counting game for kids who can use a mouse. Drag the coins onto the table until you have the correct amount of money.

5. Money Flashcards

Look at the coins and add up the total value shown. The game keeps a running total of correct answers and shows you how to add the coins together.
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